Fay Berry BSc (hons) DC, LCC

Fay Berry has gone from strength to strength flexing muscles and aligning bones. Fay, who trained at the University of Glamorgan as a Chiropractor, started her career as a practitioner shortly after graduating in 2003 at University of Glamorgan.

In 2011 she decided to open her own practice, Bedwas Family Chiropractic Centre. Where she treats a range of clients with varying issuses. Fay has a particular interest in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic treatments.

Fay Berry

In 2017 Fay decided to develop her business and move to a larger property in Bedwas. The new suite of treatment rooms are modern, light and practical for therapeutic use.

The move to Pandy Road in Bedwas has created a more prominent business base and has generated additional clients on a walk-in basis.

Fay's ethos is that everyone can benefit from Chiropractic treatment. Through research she believes that there is a synergy between stress and poor posture and the strain this puts on the body. Fay believes that good chiropractic intervention can work well with underlying symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Bedwas Family Chiropractic Logo

"I pride myself on providing a thorough and professional service to all, and believe that everyone can benefit from Chiropractic treatment."

Fay is looking to encourage other therapists with the same ethos as hers to join her, in her new practise on Pandy Road. She is particularly interested in signing up a Sports Massage Therapist and is open to the option of any therapy that would complement the centre.

Please see our room hire page for floor plans, photographs and rental fees for the hire of the individual rooms.